Stock Options Strategies



Stock options can present wonderful opportunities to build wealth. However, if stock options comprise a significant piece of your portfolio, we’ll want to formulate a strategy to start maximizing your opportunities and planning ways to start extracting your wealth. Every client’s needs and goals are unique, but our team is here to support your interests as we examine the best next steps with regard to your stock options.

Our Team With Help You:

Understand Your Options

We'll empower you to make sound decisions by giving you all of the tools, information, and advice you need.


If your stock options are unvested or unexercised, we'll need to create a clear plan to make the best of your investment dollars.


Oversights, missed deadlines, and poor timing can lead to increased tax liability. Our team can provide the expertise to decrease your taxes owed.

Make The Most Of Your Stock Options.

Whether you are looking to exercise additional stock options, or you want to diffuse your risk and diversify, our team is here to support you. We specialize in working with high-net-worth corporate executives who are struggling with concentrated stock positions. Not only will we work hard to ameliorate immediate concerns such as tax issues, but we will also collaborate with you to form a long-term plan that allows you to grow your wealth and continue toward your goals of diversification.

I have unvested stock options. What should I do?

Now is the best time to start planning. Getting advice early is key to avoiding excessive taxes, capital losses, and other common pitfalls of navigating the world of stock options. Our team takes the time to get to know every aspect of your finances, which means our advice will be given in the context of a full view of your personal financial picture.

Should I continue to exercise stock options?

If you have the opportunity to exercise stock options, now is a great time to get in touch with our team. There are times our clients wish to continue exercising their options as a way to grow their wealth, with the goal of later selling their stocks and investing elsewhere. For other clients, it is advisable to refrain from exercising options and focus your investment dollars elsewhere. Our strategic recommendation will be based on you, your goals, your needs, your company’s current situation, and more. Together, we’ll create a powerful plan that maximizes your opportunities and minimizes your risks.

How can I avoid overpaying taxes on my stock options?

Our depth of experience provides our clients with ways to earn tax breaks on their investments leveraging little-known tools. We’ll help you optimize your wealth and avoid paying excess taxes. Further, we can advise you on timing so you can avoid paying the increased tax rates on short-term capital gains.

What is the best way to convert stock options into a diversified portfolio?

One concern our clients face is that their company stock options combined with their commitment to the organization mean that too many income streams are dependent on one source. Our recommendation for our clients is typically diversification. We’ll create a strategic plan to convert your stock options into diversified investments over time. Along the way, we’ll be sure to take advantage of any tax benefits, and seize opportunities as they present themselves. 

Start planning now for a brighter future.